All About Me

About The Writer


Douglas McCoy is a 32-year-old husband, father to three great children, brother, writer, explorer, and lover of life. He is a lifelong and proud resident of Stroudsburg, PA where his family has lived for generations. In 2003 he graduated from Stroudsburg High School and went on to get a Professional Writing Degree from Kutztown University in 2008. Some of his favorite writing topics are: family life, traveling, sports, technology, current events and politics, as well as anything that can inspire or captivate him. He is currently working full time as the Systems Liaison for Lehigh Valley Hospital – Pocono but is working towards writing full time.

About My Writing

Writing is a tool that can engage, inform, and entertain you. When you’re reading you should be captivated and inspired to do more, want more, or be more.  This is what good writing can bring to your audience and what I look to deliver every time that I write.

In a world flooded with bulk content breaking through that noise can be difficult. Good writing is more than an enticing headline and because of that people are looking for real content now more than ever. As a writer it is important to understand your audience. It’s not simply writing to your audience, or pandering to what you think your audience wants to hear, it’s trying to fully understand them. Creating a true connection is important and fulfilling.

Contacting Me

My blog will be updated weekly with new topics of interest to me and I will be updating my portfolio frequently to show examples of my work. Please comment appropriately with your opinions or thoughts — I would love to read them. You can also contact me directly via email, LinkedIn, or social media accounts, which are all listed here.