350 Word Creative Writing Prompt #1

The soiled plastic bag was all she had to fashion a tourniquet. It laid next to her in the corner of a dark damp subway station. She had barely gathered her bearings before she went to work, pinning her mangled arm against a bench to keep it in position. The bag had been sitting in a puddle of God knows what and she screamed in frustration as her fingers repeatedly slipped while trying to tie it. “God damnit! Ahhh!” Her outburst released enough adrenaline to steady her trembling hands. She refocused and cinched the bag tight around the meaty part of the arm.

She leaned backwards and let out a groan as she hit the subway station wall. The dirty blue tiles felt cold, even through her uniform. She closed her eyes and let her guard down for a moment, just enough time to think about her family. Her brother was still up there, they had been separated at the first check point. Her muscles had just begun to relax when she heard it, voices coming from the stairs to her right.

She immediately scanned the area around her. She could tell the station hadn’t been used officially in some time. The dilapidated train sat rusted to the tracks in front of her, blocking access to the tunnel and the opposite side of the station. There were only two doors on her side, the one she had come from and one at the opposite end of platform. Their voices were too close, she wouldn’t have time.

She stood up, pain coursing through her arm and filling up her lungs. She fought back the urge to scream and moved to the corner adjacent to the door she entered though. She had just pinned herself against the wall when two men crossed the threshold. They stopped, feet from where she was standing. She disappeared and reappeared with the rhythmic flickering of the fluorescent lights above. The room fell silent, except for the pounding of her heart.