How are we still captivated reading the words of Shakespeare, whose works have been studied and analyzed for hundreds of years? The answer is quite simple: diversity. Diverse sets of people bring with them different experiences, and when they relay those experiences through a unique perspective,  learning happens.The campus of a university is made up of different races, cultures, religions, and regions of the world. Students would never be able to gain perspective and grow as citizens of the world if everyone around them was exactly the same. Students attending a university gain knowledge through the process of exploring and integrating other perspectives with their own.

Kindling diversity relies on communication and compassion. I most recently worked for Cigna Healthcare, communicating with a diverse set of customers during very stressful, and sometimes scary times, in their lives. The people I spoke to resided all over the United States and came from many different cultures and backgrounds. It was my job to listen and understand them as unique individuals. Once I did that, I could address their concerns and communicate with them effectively to resolve the problems they were having.

It is important to remember that at any level of education, people learn, communicate, and respond in different ways. At East Stroudsburg University, we need to understand and foster those differences, so that an environment can be created that will allow everyone to reach their full potential, and together, can reach levels they would not be able to reach on their own.