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Are you trying to find live music in your area, but you seem to be having trouble finding something that fits your musical taste? Check out! With quick and easy information on the full spectrum of musical genres, will help you find what you’re looking for, whether it’s rock, country, jazz, r&b or other alternatives.

The majority of music websites try to push the most marketable and popular performers to the forefront so they can sell more tickets. However, not everyone is looking for just the most popular music of today. performing members range from those looking to get their first record deal to artists who have been topping the charts for generations. has it all. is aiming only to appeal to you, the listeners; we don’t have contributors or advertisers telling us what we should be covering. Members have the ability to control their own experience by maintaining a Favorites page and can personalize their searches to pinpoint the music that they like.

As a member, you will be automatically notified when your favorite performers or venues update their schedules. This way you will never be left in the dark when your favorite performer is appearing in your area, no matter how popular they are. You can also get tips on where to park, where to eat, and other suggestions that will enhance your concert going experience, including reviews and commentary from community members.

So please come check out and see how we can help you locate and enjoy your favorite live music.

Live music matters!
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