Product Review

Apex Power Tower

The Apex Power Tower easily leads other products in its price range and even outperforms more expensive multi-station towers on the market. Its simplistic and compact design gives you the functionality you would find in multiple pieces of professional gym equipment, without having to dedicate an entire room of your home to it. The Apex Power Tower does this by keeping both the dipping and knee raising station on the same side as the pull-up/chin-up station. This gives you the option to position the power tower flush against the wall or in the corner of the room. The power tower also folds flat if you would like to store it away completely. This makes it a great choice for small apartments or dorm rooms where space is at a premium. Whatever your room design or size the Apex Power Tower is designed as most home fitness equipment should be, to be discrete and not in the way while not being used.

The Apex Power Tower is not only discrete and compact but it also has the ability to withstand whatever you can throw at it, or in this case, hang on it – It has been tested and rated to hold up to 300 pounds. This rugged durability also comes with a sophisticated ergonomic design. The Apex Power Tower’s angled frame and vertical knee raise forearm pads reduce both unnecessary strain on your muscles and stress to your rotator cuffs.

Key Features:
•    14-gauge powder coated tubular steel frame
•    Pull-up/chin-up bar with multiple hand positions
•    Ergonomic VKR pads to reduce stress on rotator cuffs
•    Fold-away dip handles to allow for unobstructed chin-ups
•    Angled frame to secure torso position and reduce body sway

Exercises and Muscle Groups
Apex Power Tower puts three different exercises into one simple piece of equipment. For its size, it’s the most versatile piece of exercise equipment you can buy. The power tower focuses on your upper body, and between the three exercises below, there will be no muscle left untouched.

Pull-Up/Chin-Up: The pull-up and chin-up is a widely considered the best upper body workout because it works out so many upper body muscles in one exercise. The main muscles groups include: biceps, abdominal, deltoid, trapezius, external oblique, pectoralis, triceps, and latissimus dorsi. You don’t have to know what they all are, but just know it’s the most complete upper body workout you can do.

Dipping: You can perform two variations of dips – one in which you focus on your chest, or pectoralis muscles, and the other where you focus on your triceps. By simply changing your body angle, you can change the focus of the exercise. Leaning forward while dipping will focus the workout on your pectoralis muscles. If you keep your body upright and rigid, it changes the focus of the workout to your triceps. With either variation, your core will also get a great complimentary workout.

Vertical Knee Raise: The vertical knee raise is preferred by many over the standard crunch because it better activates the core muscles. While performing the vertical knee raise you are focusing on your full range of abdominal muscles – and with an added twist of the torso you can also work your internal and external oblique muscles.

Construction: Positives and Negatives
The Apex Power Tower has a sturdy 14-gauge steel frame which allows users who weigh up to 300 pounds to use it. While this may exclude some from being able to use it the majority of users will find that more than enough for them. If you happen to weigh more than 300 pounds a slightly more expensive piece of equipment with a higher maximum weight would be recommended to ensure safety and better results. Some people have noticed a slight flexing of the metal when the tension and torque are at their highest but no negative effects have been found other than the observation.

What many people are talking about in the fitness community is the ergonomic superiority of the Apex Power Tower. Its frame is angled so that your torso is positioned and fixed to the back pad reducing body sway. This secure positioning will help eliminate strained muscles and allow you to perform the exercises correctly, maximizing their effectiveness. The pads used for vertical knee raises are also designed and angled to reduce the wear and tear on your rotator cuffs. It is important to perform the exercises using the proper form and body position to reduce the risk of injury. The Apex Power Tower checks all the boxes when it comes to both fitness and safety.
While most reviews praise the Apex Power Tower for keeping the pull-up/chin-up station on the same side as the dipping and vertical knee raise station, a small amount of people do not like it. This is definitely more of a personal preference and less of a critique on the effectiveness of the equipment. The two stations on same side both adds to its compact design, allowing you to keep it up against a wall or corner, but also improves the longevity of the power tower. When the stations are on opposite sides, you are continuously torqueing the equipment from one side to the other. This rocking back and forth adds stress to the bolts that are holding the power tower together. With the stations on the same side the Apex Power Tower can focus its hardware’s strength for one direction.

Final Thoughts
A simple search for power towers online will bring up a wide range of prices and designs. It is safe to say that while the Apex Power Tower might be listed at the bottom when it comes to price, it is also listed near the top when it comes to sturdy design, functionality, compactness, and most importantly– customer satisfaction. With the specifics of the equipment, the exercises you can perform, and the few disparities that users have found, I would give Apex Power Tower a nearly perfect score in the bang for your buck category. If you are looking for a piece at home gym equipment that won’t take up your whole room, but still work your entire upper body in three different workouts, then I would definitely go with the Apex Power Tower.