“I have worked with many counselors and therapists in my life and none of them ever really made a difference. But when you work with Ronny, the change is almost instantaneous. She really listens to you. Ever since our first meeting, I have felt happier, more confident, more capable, more worthwhile, and–best of all–I have felt heard. If you want to talk to someone who not only knows their stuff but actually cares about you as a person, A Life Rewritten is the place to go.” – Marie M.

I have worked professionally with Ronny for the last few years.  What started as professional relationship, turned into a mentorship and friendship.

Ronny’s passion is helping others and she will make you feel comfortable from the start. Have you ever met a person who you are compelled to share your secrets with?  Ronny is that person. She has an uncanny ability to read between the lines and hear what you are not saying.  She not only asks thought provoking questions but has lazar sharp insight and comes up with amazing ideas, strategies and solutions that work.  She has a brilliant ability to connect with a wide variety of personalities and help each one reach his or her potential by understanding each person’s strengths and weaknesses.  Her energy and spirit are amazing.

I whole heartedly recommend Ronny as a Life Coach.

Terry Steffen, Activities Director at Fellowship Square Tucson

I worked with Ronny [professionally]. She was always a very helpful person. She made it her goal to be as helpful as she could be and as understanding as she could be. I was [in a supervisory role], and this was my first time being a supervisor, and I had a lot to learn. So I started going to Ronny for help with a lot of things. I told her I am willing to learn whatever you are willing to teach me, and she did teach me.

I always knew that if I needed something or needed help, she would help me. I can honestly say that I learned a lot and grew so much as a supervisor, a person, and a leader from all the stuff I learned from Ronny. Even to this day, she is still there to help me[.]

Ronny is a very kind-hearted, beautiful, and helpful person. We need more people like her in this world.   – Melinda H.